Boosting Enrollment: How to Increase Leads for Your School with a Smooth Flow
Lagos Business School's Digital Transformation

Lagos Business School (LBS) is a renowned business school located in Nigeria, recognized for its prestigious Master in Business Administration (MBA) programs. LBS has consistently held the top position among business schools in Africa and is ranked 41st globally by Financial Times. In 2017, LBS sought a customer relationship management (CRM) solution to effectively manage and engage their leads, and I led my team to successfully deploy the CRM solution, working closely with the professional team at LBS to ensure seamless integration and adoption of the new system.

Building on the success of the initial project, We continued to collaborate with LBS throughout their digitization campaign, working with the school's team to automate their admission process, transition to electronic invoicing and payments, and implement strategies to improve lead generation and engagement. My expertise in CRM and automation played a crucial role in eliminating repetitive manual tasks and replacing paper-based processes with efficient digital solutions.

Results Achieved:

The automation of the admission process led to reduced turnaround time, increased accuracy, and enhanced applicant experience. The implementation of electronic invoicing and payments streamlined financial processes, reducing administrative overhead and improving overall efficiency. The strategies implemented  also resulted in improved lead generation and engagement, leading to increased enrollments at LBS.

Boosting Enrollment: How to Increase Leads for Your School with a Smooth Flow
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